Commission sales allows the designer to sell the frame on the Cncdrones website and collect commissions from each sale. If you have a design you would like to have produced, please contact us at and provide the files for the frame. We can then add it to the store. 

Frame designs

Commission frames on the site the property of the designer and we only offer an outlet for the designers to sell the frame. Frame files are never shared or modified. 

Commission amount

Commissions are based on an amount decided by the designer. We provide a manufacturing cost of the frame to be on the site and then the designer can add any amount they wish to make from each sale. 

Processing fee

Cncdrones charges a 4% processing fee on all commission amounts on sales. This covers any Paypal fees we are charged on our end. 


Sales are calculated at the end of the month and are available 7 days later. Payments can be transferred to a PayPal account of choice or the amount can be held and used for future cutting. 

Sales page content

The content on the sales page is provided by the designer. Images and frame details can be added as well as any links to the designers content. 

Removal of frame

Cncdrones has full control of the content on the site and without notice can remove any frame it no longer want to offer. Reasons for removal could include old content or copyright issues, but can also be removed for any other reason. On a commissioned frame, notice will be provided to the designer in the event of removal.

Changes to frame

Changes to the frame can be made at any time and updated on the store. If the change is due to an error in the design, we are not reasonable for any replacements that would be needed to make the frames correct on previous sales. 

Changes to commission setup

Changes can be made to the above at anytime by CncDrones. Any customers with a Commission setup will be notified of these changes. 

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